Share your product development challenges with us and we can propose a plan on how to help. We can place multiple tools at your disposal to achieve your goals. No two design problems are the same so we author a detailed step by step phased proposal to fit each new project.

  • Initial product concepts and illustration

  • Mechanical Design

  • 3D CAD file creation

  • 2D product specifications and drawings

  • Product cosmetic specification

  • Assembly instructions

  • Product branding, packaging and graphics

  • Preliminary physical mock ups, functional prototypes, cosmetic models

  • Product manufacturing and sourcing support


Rally Studios has had the opportunity to work on some great electronic products with several elite brands. We specialize in the mechanical design, industrial design, and user interface portions of each product. We do not design electronic boards or software but we work well with those who do.


Balls, sticks, wheels, and helmets, if play is your aim we definitely have something in common. Sporting goods take some abuse and we have designed some of the toughest product in the business.


Need help with a product name, brand, or supporting design elements? Rally has been down that road before. Its challenging to find names that are unique, memorable, and complimentary of your product. And then there is trademarking to consider and finding a web address / url to match. Let us know your situation and we can script a plan to reach your goals.